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Review: Microservice Disaster

April 08, 2020

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Jimmy Bogard presents a problem that one of his clients ran into when replatforming to a Service Oriented Architecture. He describes how service boundaries should be drawn and provides an example of a refactoring/restructuring of a search service,resulting positive results in performance.

Key Takeaways

  • data duplication is not, in itself, a bad thing so don’t shy away from it
  • disfunctional organizations with perverse incentives will result in poorly architected and crappy systems
  • service API calls should not make multiple hops. If a service calls another service, that service shouldn’t call another service
  • a search service that depends on an aggregation of data from multiple domains (e.g. Catalog, Orders, etc) can be/should be decoupled from those domain services and should manage the data itself
  • related to above, “managing the data itself means” being in charge of fetching updated data on a set schedule or processing events when the underlying domain data changes

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